The Empire State is now a safer place to live, work, raise a family and build a life.
  • Violent crime is down nearly 28 percent.
  • Assault is down 21 percent.
  • Robbery is down more than 35 percent.
  • Murder is down 44 percent.
Whats more, the U.S. Justice Department reported that the Empire State had the third largest reduction in violent crime among the states - and twice the national average. New York surpassed every other large state and was ranked behind only Idaho and Iowa.

Heres how it happened. In the last few years, New York has:
Toughened penalties for violent criminals
Eliminated parole for repeat violent felons
Ended work release for all violent felons
Declared "zero tolerance" for domestic abuse and child abuse, and passed new laws to better protect women and children.
Enacted a Megans Law to notify communities when convicted child molesters move into the neighborhood. These new laws have combined with the good work of local police and a renewed emphasis on judicial accountability to make our state safer than it has been in years.