It is about being unhappy in love. Sorry is the hardest word, if you hear, Im so sorry, but we cant be togther.

You cant make someone love you, if he or she doesnt want it and you never know what, actually, to say when its all over, and it gives you a pain to manage any word.
And these sad situations get absurd so often.

In 2002 the British boy band Blue, duetting with Elton John, took this song to the top of the charts. The song was Blue member Lee Ryans all time favorite song and it was his idea to cover the track. When their record company persuaded Elton to appear on this, Blue thought he was just going to play the piano, but he asked to sing on the track as well. Ironically, Elton John signed a different band called Blue in the 1970s to his Rocket label and played piano on their albums. The original Blue unsuccessfully sued the 2000s Blue for use of their name.